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Thread: Poor Bugger!

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    Poor Bugger!

    Out this morning for a stalk and found this poor bugger!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not much left there!

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    horrible way to go i found 5 along 1/4mile of fencing once ,there were some very fat foxes around that wood .

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    I found a kid a few years back that had caught its head between some sheep mesh and the fence post and it had perished. Sad way to go.


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    What a shame how it must have suffered

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    What a horrible way to go. I wonder how many deer perish each year due to fences ??

    Heres one I discovered .

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    Some horrible fencing near some ground, it is round horse paddocks. Its double fence about 1 metre apart, catches deer regularly. It is not local to me and I can only get there occasionally. I have offered to remove the old fence but the owner can't see the problem, any suggestions how i could go about it.

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    Try asking the owner if you can cut a couple of sections out of the old fence between posts where the deer cross? They'll soon make use of the better access.


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