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    could any body recomend a good pair of gloves for hunting which arent to expensive

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    Santa bought me a pair of sealskinz, sporting type with the exposable thumb and forefinger,I think they are great for 45.

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    It may seem strange but for years now I have used cloth gloves from Damart thermolactal ribbed they are quite thin and about 12 a pair they get wet through crawling etc but give feel on the trigger etc and I have used them on the hill as well as game shooting two or three pairs go to Scotland with me and dried out overnight

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    I have some Sealskins shooting gloves with the fold back trigger finger. I do like them & at about 40 they are not too expensive.

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    I have a pair of Jack Pyke Neoprene gloves with fold back trigger finger. They are reasonably priced.
    I got mind at a local outdoor clothing shop.

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    I'll second .25-06's suggestion. I've had a pair of the fingerless glove / mits for about three years now and they've been great.

    I've had a couple of pairs of expensive fleece and goretex gloves for climbing and skiing and they've all leaked and let me down eventually. The wool ones don't claim to be wind or water proof but they stay warm when wet. Unless you're stalking in really extreme conditions I'd save some cash and go for the old school solution.



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    I have just started using the sealskinz shooting gloves - two issues with them so far

    1) the liner isn't stitched to the finger ends so pulls out. Really annoying if you just want to take a glove off for a couple of seconds to do a fiddly task.

    2) and this is probably my fault. If you need to put your hands in flowing water it comes in through the trigger finger and the gloves take a long time to get warm again.

    I might go back to wearing flying gloves with fingerless wooly gloves on top
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    Knitted wool (as opposed to polyester) seems to me to stay warm and relatively comfortable even when wet through.

    I therefore wear knitted woollen fingerless gloves made by Barbour.

    Buy two pairs, though: they need to dry out gently (rather than on a radiator, for example) to avoid shrinking.

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