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Thread: lamping batteries

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    lamping batteries

    hi all.ive used only lead acid ones up til now,ive got a twin belt pack with 12v 7amp,2 years old and they went flat on us,2x12v 7amps are ment to last 1,5hrs continueously with 2 mil cp lamp,i religeously charge them and make sure they dont get over charged,there always kept in doors,i know a little about these lithium ion batteries,do they last and do you think they are worth the money,am well fed up with them not lasting,would like to hear your thoughts.atb swarovski,just realised i put this post in wrong section,ooops never mind
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    Could be there at the end of their shelf life, I use the heavier 12V/17ah which I find more than adequate.

    The new lithum batteries are a lot lighter, but the earlier models had no battery level indicator they used to

    just cut out no warning !! though they have now overcome this by fitting an indicator.

    As per usage it will all depend on the lamper how long they'll last, not forgetting the type of

    lamp being used.

    Rgds, Buck.

    Ps. your spot on always store in a charged condition, but don't over charge !!
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    i have the lithum 10 amp with a55watt bulb it last about 2 to 3 hours very steady lamping but you want the new one with the car charger

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