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Thread: Advice on condition of a gun

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    Advice on condition of a gun

    I bought a tikka t3 lite 6.5x55 from a shop down south a couple of weeks ago and I`m not impressed with the codition of the gun.

    The gun was advertised as, (as new condition) and upon inspection It`s far from It.

    The stainless barrel Is patchy with a wet and dry look to It and the crown looks like It has been used to hammer nails.

    The stock is fine and so Is the scope that came with It, but the barrel look like It has came from an older gun.

    Here`s a couple of pics, and I would like some advice an what to do next before I call the shop and explode.

    I know I should have checked the gun over more In my rfd shop but I waited until I got home to give It a better inspection.

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    job to tell mate from the pics but if yr not happy with it your never going to be a marriage made in heaven ,i left a mod on my steyr that slightly pitted the outside of the crown , i sold the rifle , sportsman took it after i had the crown polished it looked like new then .take it back to the shop and calmly explain, any good shop worth its salt will listen to you.sure you have rights ! softly softly first

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    The patchy barrel looks like it might be oil marks ? But could also be marks from peoples hands. Its the thread that is marked not the crown. So will not affect the point of aim.

    Why has it took you a couple of weeks to come to the conclusion it is not as new. You have now got to prove it was Not as new a few weeks ago ?
    I'm not saying you are wrong just pointing out the shop owners get out clause.

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    How does it mate it shoot? Getting the barrel done is easy. Get it bead blasted.

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    I`ve not really looked at It since buying It as I`ve been too busy with work and christmas and stuff.

    My rfd agreed that It was not as new condition when I spoke to him on the phone today, he didn`t know It was described as that in the for sale advert.

    I`m not too concerned about the patchy barrel, It`s more the thread as I will be using a T8 mod most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    How does it mate it shoot? Getting the barrel done is easy. Get it bead blasted.
    I`ve not shot It yet, I`ve not really had It out the cabinet since I got It.

    What would be the cost for bead blasting and a re coat?

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    It's difficult to tell from the photographs but the external finish on the barrel looks typical of a stainless steel barrel from many manufacturers. The barrel threading doesn't look the best, was this factory threaded or done at a later date by the original owner? It's far more importat how it shoots rather than how it looks, give it a try. Frankly buying from a distance is a bit of a gamble unless you have the rifle sent to your local dealer on approval. Really it's a bit of a done deal, you should have rejected it on arrival if it wasn't as described.

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    Damage seen in the pics looks like on the 'Outside' of the muzzle. Cannot see any damage to the crown itself.
    Do as Muir says - shoot it. My guess is that accuracy will be fine - with the right ammo.
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    Only visable is machine chatter marks at beging of threading, oil staining can be removed using carbon tetrachloride, the crown looks fine, but you wont know until you shoot some group with several differant types/ brands of ammo, if you cant find a reasonable group then that may be an indication that the crown is not true.

    ATB Barry

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