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Thread: lumpy liver

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    lumpy liver

    Hi, any vets on tonight, or indeed anyone who can tell me what's wrong with a roe deer to have a liver like this

    I didn't shoot this beast, the question was asked me by a friend who was given a deer, so I don't know anymore about the animal, either while it was alive or about other organs, condition etc. If any more info is essential for a diagnosis I'll try to get as much as I can, but I'm in Cyprus and he's in the SW of england so it ain't easy!

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    lumpy liver

    Hi all, first visit back for ages as I'm in the barren (stalking wise) wastes of Cyprus, but I've just put a thread in the diseases & welfare section about a lumpy liver on a roe deer.

    I realise that section is less visited than others so I've bumped it here, mainly because my friend who has the deer wants to know if he can eat the beast.


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    Neuroblastima?? (Cancer of the liver.)
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    lumpy liver is mostly to be liver fluke. Fluke is a parasite. I wouldnt recommend eating the liver. If it is just fluke then it should be reason enough to condem the carcass.

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    Should or shouldn't?
    I thought liver fluke (which I agree with btw unless it was George Best's Liver) would make you ditch the liver and note it on the carcass tag but not condemn the carcass..
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    I would check the glands on the liver and then the rest if i found an abnormality and if the glands were ok and the deer was showing no others signs of illness fine like rem said bin the liver and enjoy .

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    Would liver fluke turn it blue as in the picture?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Have you got photos of the spleen as well if possible?
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    From the picture it's not certain what's wrong, but 100% not fluke.

    Any more pictures, esp the underside? Looks a bit spleen like.........

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    This is a very difficult one for sure, thinking the answer and knowing the facts are two very different things never seen anything like it personally ,hopefully someone will come with a definitive answer and we will all learn some, how does the rest of the intestines look lymph nodes and the like ?

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