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Thread: zeiss scope

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    zeiss scope

    hi folks finally got my variation back and picked up my t3 varmint 6.5 swede

    and i got hold of a zeiss 6.5x20x50 conquest to go aboard the t3 dont see much
    or hear much about this scope was wondering if any one out there use one
    and what think they of it was going to put my niteforce on at first but the zeiss
    came along at right money i went for it cos of the higher mag to double up
    on my longer range stuff it will do for deer on lower mag wont it ?
    atb foxxer

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    I don't think that there is a better scope for the money than a conquest. The one I owned was noticably clearer than a nf I also had. Nice and light too.

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    And I think I bought JordanG's conquest for my .308. Liked it so much I got another for my .223.

    Only limitation is the range of adjustment in the 25mm tube which only got me to 600yds, which isn't a problem for stalking anyway. This was easily solved by fitting a 20moa rail - T3 has pre-drilled holes and EGW rails are reasonably priced.

    I've used mine on 6.5x for stalking in woodland no worries.

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    d/fox I have a 4x14x50 conquest i brought from the states about 6 years back they are top scopes for the money, i have looked through a few scopes in low light conditions, just on dark !! and could not see any differance but they cost twice/3 times as much, if you wanted to sell the zeiss to go n/f im sure there will be plenty of people linning up to buy your scope.

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    had two of them still got the one. as the guys above said. for the money there isnt anything to touch them imo.

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    I've got two 6.5-20x50 models, and am very impressed with them. I have been through a LOT of scopes (including a couple of NFs), and have sold most on, but these two are keepers. The hunting turret / mildot version sits on a 223, which effectively shows half mildot subtensions at full mag, meaning that I can reach out to around 400 yards quickly and easily. The fine plex / target turret version sits on a 308 for mucking about at Bisley. The turrets are nice to use and track reliably. The optics are noticeably better than other mid priced scopes, and only really outclassed when spending significantly more. One thing to note is that these scopes are very lightweight for their specification.

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    Are these noticeably better than the Duralyt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rooster View Post
    Are these noticeably better than the Duralyt?
    They cost about the same but I can't help thinking the Conquest is a slightly better deal.
    In reality they are different animals.

    Conquest is assembled in America, hence low (relative) pricing point; 25mm tube, target turrets (not all), side parrallax, overall it's longer and a little heavier but not by much.
    Duralyt has a lower zoom range but a 30mm tube - not that it's got more adjustment, for some reason.

    Optically, on the same zoom, say 10x, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference but I suspect the Duralyt may have the edge in lower light - intuitive opinion as they are less complicated.
    I think I prefer my Duralyt reticle to the std plex in my Conquests.
    Getting hold of a mildot ret in the conquest seems a task.

    If you want a no fiddle stalking scope then Duralyt is a good option. Target, Conquest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rooster View Post
    Are these noticeably better than the Duralyt?
    My experience is mostly of high mag PX adjustable scopes and have never seen a Duralyt with these features.
    I believe Milligan (above) also has a 3-12x56 Duralyt, so may be able to compare them side be side.

    EDIT: Ah, he beat me to it!
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    Had mine for a few weeks now and love it ,not really had a great deal of time tho to test the ranging reticle and distance markings.

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