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Thread: Site running again

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    Site running again

    Great to see the site is up and running again.

    Well done to those involved.



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    Were other people being redirected to a site called ? That's what happened to me.

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    nix, same thing with me although I see from some of the posts that some people must have been getting through on and off.

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    I`ve just logged on after being taken to that -
    Sedo parking domain several times through the day. It`s now pi55ing me off!!

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    Same thing was happening to me over th weekend.

    So what the hell is Sedo Domain Parking


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    It said that this site weren't listed there when I got there which was odd, I thought I might have a browser hijacker but it turns out it's more often a server configuration problem at the other end of the wires.

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    It's back, I'm glad, there will be a full explanation to follow. However now that it is back, me and my flu are going to bed


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    \glad we are back, made me realise how often I come on, was well fed up

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    well done

    how annoying was that, thought i was going mad, so well done all. HORNET

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