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Thread: stalking sticks

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    stalking sticks


    Looking on net for a new stalking stick and doing away with the harris bipod can anyone give me any feed back on what they use .

    thankyou amber243

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    I have a tri pod from bushwear and 2 sets of green garden poles from b&q bolted together in pairs have a look at the shop adds on the home page sticks for sale on there


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    b&q have these aluminium plastic coated green poles, kind of like a
    garden cane thing for plants, they are about 6ft long and when two are bound together they make excellent sticks, had mine for over 10 years,still fine they are.
    this is them

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    Get a martingail ring from your saddelry and two of the long plastic coverd garden cains push both cains through the ring and you have a good set of stalking sticks you dont have to mess arround with. If you want to pimp them up a little put some pipe lagging on the top and spery them with black paint to make them comoflaged. My telescopic sticks packed in after a while and would slide closed when you dont expect it. this is potentialy a danger so I kicked them in to touch. I would keep the harris on for when you need it you wont notice the differance if shooting from sticks.


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    I used to use this method. I pinched one of those wrist bands from the wife (you know the cancer ones). Wrap that around the top of the canes and it is rigid as well.


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    Or you could have a look at the ones Blot makes.

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    stick polecats into google. Explorer sticks are excellent albeit pricey. Adjustable, stable and durable, the dogs.

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    I use a two-pole rig from Bushwear

    The major advantage of these is that they telescope for storage or travel

    In the past I have experimented with one- and three-pole variants

    Neither, however, is as quick and stable as the two-pole


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    As a novice Swampy recommended the garden canes to me with some bike innertube as ajoint, I picked up about 10 hair elasitics off the girls bedroom floor and they work ok total cost under a fiver, so not to desperate if I loose them.

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    stay angry, the polecats are a tripod but the third leg sets itself virtually. The bushwear/x3m1 type are a bit of a wrestle and noisy. With a tripod I have been able to take foxes out to 160ish standing. It really is that stable. I dont sell them either

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