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Thread: Gore-tex Gaiters, which ones

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    Gore-tex Gaiters, which ones

    So I need a pair of gaiters for an upcoming hind cull in Scotland.
    The pair I had last year were rubbish, cheap jobs from Blacks, so I intend trying a pair of gore-tex ones.

    Having looked around on the tinterweb there are lots of varieties but which ones are most appropriate. Not keen on spending 50 on fancy ones if the 30 milsurp gets the job done.

    Boots are size 10 Meindl dovre extremes with either laksen, seeland or jahti trousers over them so they'll need to fit over those.

    Thoughts please.

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    I wear a pair of Berghaus Yeti gaiters over my meindls, no others IMO, little more expensive than you're thinking but in the long term your boots will last longer, and you'll keep dry feet in even the worst conditions, worth looking at I think.

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    Thanks, I suspect you're right.
    As the saying goes, buy cheap buy twice...

    P.S. How much of a pain is it to fit the Yeti's?
    They look an absolute PITA!
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    hi for the last 2 years i have been using the black islander gaiters, a mate brought me a pair of huntech ones from n zealand great gaiters fit almost like a sock and very quiet i know a lad who has been using one pair of them for 7 years and they are still going strong

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    Le Chameau Kotkor for me and most of the syndicate have changed to them with no complaints.

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    Trek-Mates do a goog pair in Green & Black for about 25 quid, I've worn a pair all season & will be getting another pair after this years burning. Less than half the price of Black Islanders & twice as good.

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