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    I'm a first time reloader and need a load for a model 66 mouser in 270. The gun is 25years old and I've tried a few factory loads with not a lot of success. I have yet to try Norma 130 Grain and will be doing so in the next week or so. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    To be honest no one can give you an accurate generic load as there is no such thing, every rifle likes something different. You will need to tailor a load to your rifle by first finding what COAL it prefers and then which powder charge it will handle safely without going over pressure (some rifles will happily take more than the stated Maximum load in the reloading guides and some wont get near) i find the preferred seating depth first then play with powder charges as seating depth changes will alter pressures. It does take a little work but you will be amazed how you can get a rifle to shoot by going about it correctly. Factory loads can be ok but generally wont hold a candle to a tailored home load.

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    You're not going to like this - the Mauser Model 66 was an absolute bugger to shoot consistently accurate. It was very ammo fussy. I bought one in .243 and spent an absolute fortune trying to get it consistent.

    My advice would be to register with as many forums, especially the US ones, and ask for owners or previous owner's loads. Mauser dropped the price considerably in the US to clear the stocks so you should find a few.

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    With all due respect previous owners loads will tell you nothing, your rifle will probably like a different COAL to others due to differing throat erosion etc. The only way (unless you are very lucky) is to load to your rifles requirements.

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    Cheers mate thanks' for taking the time to answer.

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    Cheers Scotsgun didnt pay a fortune for the rifle so if I can get it something like that will do.

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    Thanks' RPA it looks like it may takea while.

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    No probs, a day playing around with it will get the best from it, its definately worth the effort.

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    try hornady 130gr interlock with 56gr of hodgson4831 and a rem mag primer[cold weather] to get on the target then make the adjustments to worked in my 270s

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    From a previous reply to another thread -

    I was taught to get best length and then find the best load so what I do is to take a "middle of the road" load.

    I then make up 50 rounds at max COAL (just touching the lands) with that powder load - then take the press with seater die to the range and then after shooting a group of 5 squeeze the next rounds in at 5 thou intervals. If I find a sweet spot half way through the 50 then I just squeeze the rest in to that COAL but can I suggest you don't make up batches of various lengths because if one COAL from the middle of the batch is on song - then you have to pull the rest? If nothing works well then load another 50 and start from where you left off?

    However, don't get fixated by the bullet having to be close to the lands. I've had rifles best COAL's at -137 and -150thou - so you just have to persevere.

    Once you have found the best length then tweak the load in 0.3gr intervals and you will find the best combination.

    Most of all, enjoy.
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