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Thread: Hirschmannbrief 2011

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    Hirschmannbrief 2011

    The Hirschmannbrief, the annual report of the Verein Hirschmann, the German Society in charge of Hanoverian Scenthounds just arrived. it contains as always some interesting facts.

    It begins by the breed master, the person who not only decides if you can breed from you own dog but also chooses the mate, reports that 54 pups were entered in the studbook in 2010, 43 home breds the rest imports.

    The Verein has 518 hounds on its books of which 450 are actively used. Of these 450 about 300 report in detail to the breedmaster about each search.

    In 2010 these 300 hounds completed 6078 succesful tracks, 2600 of which ended with a chase. In total about 20'000 searches including control searches were completed in 2010.

    For 2011 the Verein is changing its breeding directives. Quite technical and as no HS are as yet bred in the UK I'll leave that bit.

    Then follows 35 pages of detailed search statistics and reports of the various trials, both beginners and full, that have taken place in the period. One of these must have been quite fun as instead of a tracking shoe a live wild boar was used.

    The chairmans speech covered about 10 pages so once I have read that I'll comment on anything interesting.

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    where could i get a copy? wouldn't mind a read providing its in english

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyr243 View Post
    where could i get a copy? wouldn't mind a read providing its in english
    You can get a copy I guess from the Verein but it is in German and translating bits on Google does not work as it is too technical.

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