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Thread: Cluson (GL6) 6v Economy Gun Kit - upgrade

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    Cluson (GL6) 6v Economy Gun Kit - upgrade

    Before melting the lamp/wires, setting fire to anything or otherwise hurting myself or others - Is it possible to stick a 12v bulb in the Economy Gun light, and get a 12v battery, as an upgrade option? The lamps a bit on the crap side so I'd like to give it some more oomph without buying a complete new one if possible. Failing that is there a way of using a 12v fag lighter socket and stepping the voltage down to 6v for use in the Land Rover?

    I'm useless at most things electrical so please use simple terms when trying to explain anything electrically complex

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    hi bud

    the lamp and equipment is built to take 6 volts and about 2.5/3 amps or less, so puting in a 12 volt lamp will only cause you more issues,

    don't bother with it, sell the lamp and get a lightforce if you can. simply put, the are the best on the market.

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