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Thread: Monarch Country Products - Roe Sack and Binocular Cover

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    Monarch Country Products - Roe Sack and Binocular Cover

    Just thought I'd give a quick shout up for Monarch Country Products.

    I treated myself to a Roe Sack and a Binocular Lens Cover from them as a Christmas present to myself.

    The Roe Sack is excellent quality - good fabric, all nicely lined with a heavy duty waterproof plastic, as well as having a removable liner in the main compartment for the carcass. There's some nice leatherwork on it as well. Main reason I bought it over a Harkila one was because it has a waist belt on it - I've spent a good bit of my life carrying heavy loads on my back and its so much easier with a waist belt! Everything folds down nicely into a slim, low profile version for carrying around (I just wrap the waist belt around the sack when its not loaded).

    I'd also got bored of rain on my bino lenses, so bought one of the flip up covers. Again, good, well thought out piece of kit and nice leather work.

    The joint owner of Monarch (who has just started posting on here as Cheshire Lad I think) is a good guy as well - really helpful on the phone and an active stalker. Not only were the goods delivered quickly, but I got a phone call following up to check that everything had arrived and I was happy. That's bloody good service!

    I'm not connected to the company in any way, nor have I ever met the owners, but based on my experience, they deserve to make a go of it.

    If you're looking for a bullet pouch, game bag, bino cover, roe sack etc., well worth a look - Monarch Country Products.

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    Many thanks for your appreciation & business Tom.

    I hope the products serve you well for many years to come.

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    Thanks for posting Re; the binocular lens cover...Just ordered one on the back of this...Cheers

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    No worries mate. Let me know if you need any tips for fitting it.

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    Hi, Notice the above the threads on Monarch Roe Sack. I bought one of these in November, I have been looking for a long time for a row sack that sits high upon the back rather like a military Bergen. This sack from Monarch is exactly that, it has a waist and chest strap these keep the whole sack firm and high on your back. Up to now I have been using a traditional German Style Roe Sack, these especially with a beast inside sit really low on your back, I had a bad experience many years ago when carrying a deer out in newly planted commercial forestry, I slipped and the weight landing on the small of my back has caused me problems for years. Carried a heavy doe in December, with growing confidence in this Roe Sack. Well done Monarch good to see a British Made Product of this quality. It's even got several pockets for all the bits and pieces we seem to need these days.

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    I've got one of these roe sacks and had a fallow picket in it yesterday, the straps across the front really helped balance it up.


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