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Thread: Wild boar

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    Wild boar

    Is there a minimum cal for wild boar and does your FAC have to be conditioned for them

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    I beleive .270 is considered minimum best practice and you will need it conditioned on your FAC


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    The reason i asked Dave was that i just read another thread and it was mentioned that a cal suitable for all deer is suitable for boar

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    Some forces regard boar as vermin but others don't so if your force is touchy you would need to be conditioned specifically for boar and probably with a nominated rifle. In Dumfries and Galloway though, boar are considered vermin but if required a letter would be given to a certificate holder if needed to shoot in other parts of the country where boar are 'conditioned'. Being vermin, locally you can hunt them with your deer rifle for large deer but .270 is advised.

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    Thanks Paul

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    monument are you under somerset and avon if so you have to have it conditioned i think

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    Yes Star i am under the dreaded A and S so it seems like i need to get a larger cal rifle and another long wait to get my fac back as varitions seem to take for ever at A and S

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    northants wouldnt put boar on for 308 unless i had an invite or location with boar and written permission

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    The majority of police forces would require the rifle to be specifically conditioned for boar to comply with HO Guidance and some will not do that unless you have a specific booking/invitation to shoot on ground where boar are present, even where you are not acquiring a new rifle. Before my local force got sensible they gave me an extra ammo allowance so that I could have some heavier loads but refused to add the words "wild boar" to my existing .270 conditions unless I had an invite to shoot boar on ground cleared by the local police for boar and .270 plus a letter from the landowner - fortunately things have changed and a booking for boar is all that's required now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    northants wouldnt put boar on for 308 unless i had an invite or location with boar and written permission
    Ditto Kent,

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