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Thread: Stock for Remington 700 short action

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    Stock for Remington 700 short action

    Hi i have a very nice laminated stock that was on a custom Remington 700 308 that i had, this stock is only in the region of 6 weeks old and is in fantastic condition. It has a Whiddon Aluminium bedding block installed and came as part of a custom build from Dolphin Gun Company.
    It is finished in a nice laquered finish and handles beautifully. I think this is a bargain for 300.
    Please note that this is for the stock only (with the whiddon bedding block and sling swivels, bottom metal with sprung floorplate and quality recoil pad) as that is all i have.

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    The stock is a Bobby Hart stock and with the Whiddon bedding block is valued at around 400. I will accept 250 for a quick sale

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    Ok how about 200+15 postage but no haggling i would rather keep it than sell for a penny less.

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