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Thread: Kawasaki Quad Park Brake

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    Kawasaki Quad Park Brake


    Anyone help? I've just been given the use of a Kawasaki KVF quad and it's not a type I've any experience of. I'm presuming the pedal on the right hand footplate is the park brake - is this correct? It seems to be stuck on as it's difficult to move the machine. I suppose it may be frozen or rusted and will free up with use, but then again, I don't want to bugger it up.

    Does anyone have any experience of Kawasakis?



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    They have sealed multi-plate rear brakes, like many quads these do tend to stick up is not looked after.

    I cant find a manual on line for the quad though.


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    try Kawasaki based in Corby Northamptonshire.very helpful.,don't have phone number

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    Thanks folks. Problem sorted, just needed a good run! (bit like me really)

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