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Thread: Stainless Steel Moderator (Similar to a T8)

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    Stainless Steel Moderator (Similar to a T8)

    I am selling a stainless steel moderator. It is very similar to a T8, but is stainless. According to the chap I bought it from it will suit upto a .25 cal and he was using it with a .25-06.

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    It is a custom made sound mod, similar to the Reflex T8 but with 10 baffles. It is made from aircraft grade stainless steel. It is threaded 1/2 " UNF, but was quite tight on one of the guns I tried it on so may need a tap running into it to open it up a bit if it is a bit tight on your gun, this is very easy to do and any RFD should be able to do it in a few mins. It take a T8 rear bush, but currently doesn't have one fitted. They can be bought from Jacksons for about 10 and would need to be cut to suit your barrel anyway.

    Pic 3

    Pic 4

    I bought it for a .22lr shotgun project, but then never actually got the shotgun so it is currently off ticket. I am looking for 50 posted.

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    I take it, it hasn't been proof'd nor is on ticket ?

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