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Thread: 308 bullet weight in 52cm barrel

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    308 bullet weight in 52cm barrel


    I nearly run out off my bullets.
    I did use rws kegelspits. 9,7gram There were very accurate, never got problems by shooting foxes und roedeer and litle boars.
    Now i am starting to shoot reddeer and big wildbore ill need a bullet with a high residual weight. (and inpact)
    I use a blaser r93 with a short 52cm barrel but i dont no exact witch weight i need to choose.
    before i got a blaser ill used a remington 700 (7mm sa um) with remington premier core lokt psp, there were good, but can some one recommend me these for a 308, and withs weight?

    many thanks

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    i shoot a pro hunter [steyr] the mountain short model ,i shoot 150 gr norma ammo with ballistic tips on red hinds and stags the bullet heads are nosler not had any run off far with those and not much meat damage either ,not shot boar .
    good hunting

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    150grain oder 180grain with a 52cm barrel?

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    out of my varberger 150gr norma factory ammo that use nosler partition heads i use on boar and fallow and had no runners as yet and a mate who dose boar hunts to hungry uses the same bullets out of his blaser tracking barrel whitch i beleve is the 520mm and has no problems

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    I shoot 180grn Norma Oryx reloads in my 52cm Mauser M03. Thumb nail size groups and death on everything from roe to moose.

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    The 9.7gram is close to 150gr, without checking now.
    Don't worry about barrel length in a 308. 150 - 180gr will work without a problem.
    If you can get federal fusion ammunition try a box, preferably in 180gr for large boar.
    The fed fusion bullets even in 150gr are very good and hold together very well.
    My friend has a Sauer 202 Stutzen which groups them around 10mm at 100yds.

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    I prefer heavy for cal. bullets for large boar. You will get penatration enough. There is a lot of good bullets in 30 cal. to chose between. Nosler PP, Acubond, Oryx, Woodleigh, Sako hamerhead, Hornady Interbond, Core Lockt Ultra, ++ all are good premium heads.
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    I also have the 52cm barrelled 30/06. I am getting decent performance with 165gr handloads and also 170 gr Privi Grom's.

    Pretty sure 9.7 grams is 150gr.

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