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Thread: Hello from Hampshire

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    Hello from Hampshire

    Hi guys as its a site requirement best i introduce me self

    im a novice stalker having only taken up stalking 12 months ago , ive been a wildfowler since my teans and love the similarities between the two

    my other passion in life is gundog training and field trials and trying to find excuses to get days off work to fit it all in

    i live near winchester im mid 40's errrr is that enough info ???? thought was on a dating site for a mo :-)

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    Welcome to the site, that's enought info

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good god Jonesy this used to be a quality forum but having said that welcome mate and see you at work etc DONT be LATE

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    Welcome, although there may be the odd disagreement, there are no lovers tiffs!!



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