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Thread: skip rat..........high seat

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    skip rat..........high seat

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    got bored and decided to put some timber i tatted out of a skip to good use ,amazing what builders throw away ,i have enough timber after de.nailing and cutting to size to build 4/5 of these seats 12'' high 3''wide, plastic seat .just need a coat of wood preserve and then off to the woods ,this first one took about an hour and a half to build no plans just went for it ,sat in enough uncomfortable ones to know what fits ,total cost about a fiver in screws wood pres cant be much more so a tenner happy days and gave me and No 3 son something to do ,gotta give him some shooting with the air rifle now in payment

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    As you say Norma, Builders do throw out some decent Timber, which by the look of it you've put to good use

    well done.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Not bad at all, I had a skiphire business for 20 years, Builders/joiners would not touch 2nd hand timber. One missed or broken nail and a 30-70 pound blade ruined. That was their excuse. Take your braces off and reattach on the outside. Take your rungs off and put two as spacers on the back. Build a ladder to fit in the gap with 4 4 inch coach bolts. Stiffer and you can unbolt the ladder and remove if seat unused. ATB Jim

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    great minds think alike eh ,cant really justify spending my dollar on expensive seats quite liked knocking them up, going to do a double next

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