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Thread: advice on new rifle

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    advice on new rifle

    Help advice and coments i have a winchester mod 70 light weight in 243 wood stock shoots great 1/2 groups with home loads , so i here you say whats the problem non really i just want a synthetic stock and a moderator as the new land says i have to have one, if i buy a new stock for the winchester and have it threaded i'll end up spending £700 and the return when i change will be nothing.
    I have about £1000 to spend so what do i buy ? i've got a Tikka T3 in 308 a Sako in 7mm rem mag both great guns shoot well and accurate , i'm doing a lot more roe this year and when i say a load more i mean 4 more lots of shooting land so most weekends i'm going to be out so come rifle? and moderator give me your five peneth . "oh and all the very best for the new year"
    K C Rimmington

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    Chop in the T3 308 for a T3 in 25-06 with a moderator?

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