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Thread: stalking prices, advice?

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    stalking prices, advice?

    im new to stalking and dont really have a idea on prices on stalking.

    would if be possible to give me a idea on the cost of a days stalking, for say red roe.

    Any advice would be very helpful,

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    If its roe and you go to a pro stalker your about 150 for the full day. There might be added costs if you want a good buck but that's up to you. Contact admin he has just went it a loan and might be offering some deals as a start up incentive.

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    Send Malcolm (Admin) a pm. See what he can do for you.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Hi Sean I'm sure some of the more Northern guys will put you right on the reds I have shot reds at Blair Atholl and they were 400 a piece . Hinds are better value
    Stalking down this way for Fallow /Roe An am or pm stalk will be 3-4 hours in duration and cost 60-80 per session so you are looking at 120-160 for the day. Carcass generally stays property of the estate but can be purchased if wished . Brough

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    thank you for the advice, when carcass stay the property of the estate, does this include the trophy or tis this an extra expense?

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    the cheapest i know of is 55 a stalk no extra's the most expensive i indulge myself with is 100 a stalk no extra's by this i mean no shot fee ,trophy fee,per animal fee and i guess there is a few in between and one or two more expensive once you add on all the fee's it can be a minefield !

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    Middle of red hinds just now and that varies from a flat fee of 120 to 210 for the day depending on where I am. As Brough says carcass can be bought at the end of the day.

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    The above show what is reasonable after all who of you would work /share your hard earnd expertise fo less than 15 per hour as a guide you may enjoy what you are doing but everyone has to earn a living and 10 per hour is not what most would accept this has to include rent land,transport,reconascense etc.I see people saying that guided stalking is expensive .never the work some put in to provide this is is extensive. As much skill goes into good guided stalking as anything so why should the provider not be rewarded
    60 for a three hour roe stalk. 120 for hill reds getting a shot or not is Cheap IMHO.
    Just my opinion before others say its expensive.

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    As a rule you will pay between 55 to 80 per stalk (morning and evening) so 110 to 160. Reds on the open hill, Stags are between 400 to 550 each per day. Red hinds are between 150 and 200 a day.

    Fees for this coming Roe Buck season with myself are 75 an outing, no kill fee on small cull bucks. Damaged carcasses to be paid for and or taken away at about 40 to 50 a carcase. Main area is in West Sussex on 3000 acres.

    Level one courses with a BASC assesor over 3 days will be 375 per person with a minimum of 6 candidates required. This is to be undertaken in May and June. Dates to be confirmed.

    PM me for my contact details.



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