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Thread: sako a2 sell or modify?

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    sako a2 sell or modify?

    i have a sako a2 .308. its a lovely salking rifle but i require more of a target gun.

    what would you recomend....rebarrel and modify or sell on and let someone else enjoy.

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    What do you want for it?

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    id want about 400, its got mounts and scope. pm me ur email and id send some pictures.

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    bargain that is mate. there good actions. your going to have to set aside around 700+ for a rebarrel these days, so maybe cheaper to sell it and buy a rifle to suite your needs more.

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    Could you tell me what stock is on it please i use one of these as my stalking rifle thanx.

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    its a high grade walnut stock. the following link is to a few pictures.

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    Sean, that lads have it right. A rebarrel job is going to cost towards 700. If you seriously intend to do target work you will use a heavy barrel, probably need a suitable stock, that is another 400 - 500, and the gun will be worth 1250 when you are finished.

    That is a lovely rifle, sell it and put the cash towards a more suitable target rig. There are second hand semi customs on Guntrader for 1250 - 1500 all the time. Think about one of the 6.5's for target shooting.

    For 400 I will have it. PM me. I will be out now until late tomorrow and won't be able to answer mails.

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    Might be interested in stock if you do customize rifle atb paul.

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    I've never seen a detachable magazine on an A2. Ever. If it's a factory option it's a rare beast indeed.
    Frankly if it shoots well I would keep it as a stalking rifle and get a second 308 for a target gun. You should have no problem getting a variation for such. Don' try and build a do it all rifle as you'll end up with one that does everything but only moderately well and is a bugger to carry. There's a reason stalking rifles are built as they are.

    BTW, if you decide to sell it the action alone is worth 400 quid. A more realistic price for the outfit is probably 550-600.

    That old Sako will outlast your shooting career if you look after it.



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    As a project rifle - ie, to rebarrel, it is worth 300 - 350 tops, that is only because Z has (correctly) mentioned its rare to find one with detach magazine - if the magazine system is indeed original Sako, which it does look like ; - the floor plate is removed and the mag has the post and spring loaded latch integral which engages with the original floor plate retainer on the trigger guard.... seen this on pics of a mag fitted to a 579 before.

    I wouldnt be interested in the scope or the rings.

    I wouldnt describe the stock as "high grade", its the standard they used at the time the rifle was built.

    If you were to trade it in, I respectfully suggest you would be offered 200 - 300 for it at best.

    I would be rebarrelling it myself , (for myself) and im close to you, so no shipping costs.

    Think about it - genuine offer by the way.
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