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Thread: fine way to finish the year

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    fine way to finish the year

    Just in from a day on our small shoot IED hunter came again shot a high fast partridge in front of of us which gave most of those preasent pleasure to see.
    Altough the total bag was only 40odd everyone had a good time.
    a pint in the local after.
    A good way to see the year out and gives hope for times to come.
    A happy new year to all

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    as my shoot captain /shoot owner says it not about the bag its the people and the pleasure ,i have been on many big days and on most of them there is no crack at all ,on ours we eat together guns and beaters ect and my guns turn out for beating on beaters day we all enjoy each others company .glad you had a great day long may your type of shoot and mine prosper ,they are the backbone of shooting in this country ! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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    Totally agree Norma. The guns of the future learn a lotfrom shoots like yours. Safety and etiquettebeing two of the most important lessons. They may move on to bigger shoots and they maynot. But if they do, they will be safein the knowledge that they know the score and will not embarrass themselves. If all that was available was 200 bird daysthen 90% of this country would never get to fire a shot at driven game bar thekeepers day maybe?

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