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Thread: Parker Hale - another question :)

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    Question Parker Hale - another question :)

    Hi Folks,

    Looking at another P-H. This one is a Safari Super...newer model for sure but I'm trying to date it as well as figure out what action it may have been built with. I know right away it's not an old military Mauser action...but what is it?

    I know Brithunter should chime in on this one

    The seller has indicated the following:

    "on top of barrel, 'PARKER HALE LTD BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND', CAL 308W, then on left side BNP with crow above it. under side has 308 w stamped in two spots and also has the proof stamp 18 tons per sq ", 2.015, and cross swords with 0 or D on the left , a B or an 8 on the right and looks like a 4 on the bottom. on the side of the reciever has 4 digit sn with BNP and crown above it then Safari Super,bolt has 4 digit sn and also BNP with crown above...
    also on the side of internal box mag has PARKER HALE ENGLAND 98/124 and there is also 53 stamped on the bottom of the reciever near the front bolt hole, trigger appears to be adjustable with two locking set screws.on the back of the trigger is a word I cant make out followed again by PARKER HALE ENGLAND"

    Even though the barrel has the Birmingham markings...the weird part is that there is no serial number on the barrel...only matching numbers on the receiver and bolt.

    Pics can be seen here:

    Any help is appreciated

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    rsako we can't open your picture files.

    If it was a later safari model it would have been built on a Santa Barbara (Spanish) commercial action that Parker Hale bought in. There are many different makers who used this action including interarms. One source of information on these actions is in a book by Frank de Haas.
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    O-B would make in 1963

    D-B would be 1953 which is a no way hose

    Sorry but I am registered on enough forums without another so I cannot access the pictures. As for no number on the barrel that is quite normal for Parker-Hale:-

    With just chambering marked on top.

    Now what make you say it's not a military action?

    1963 was just after they started their sporting rifle production so I would expect it to be on a German M98 action however there is the rumour that they brought some commercial actions in from BRNO similar to that used on the ZG47. I thought that P-H only built the "Hussar" model on those but?

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    Parker Hale had actions made for them in Spain, sorry I cant remember the factory name(the Mauser 98 copies), they were good strong reliable actions, I still occasionally re-barrel some P H actions with Lothar Walther factory complete finish barrels.
    Makes a nice, accurate reliable rifle.
    The Midland models used a copy Springfield 03-A3 Action. You can with a little care and a lot more knowledge get the trigger on both models down to a safe reliable pressure.

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    Hi all,

    pics added to my original post.

    1963 with a spanish made action...sounds about right doesn't?

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    This definitely looks like one of the later Santa Barbara commercial model 98 actions,(no thumb cut on left hand side) a seriously good action, I had one for a while in 300 Holland and it shot like you would not believe. The one in the illustrations looks to have the scope bases soldered on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRORA260 View Post
    The one in the illustrations looks to have the scope bases soldered on.
    You're right about the scope bases. The seller tells me they are soldered. I wonder if that would be much of
    an issue or not. I suppose if they are 'true' would be 'ok'. But I'd rather they were not soldered. could be a job for my local gunsmith..again...

    I'm still learning lots about these ol' here goes another question: In Brithunters' pics...what is the round metal screw going through the stock just under the forward part of the receiver? Does it anchor the recoil lug or something? Is it preferable to have it? Does a fella need a special two pin socket/screwdriver to remove it?

    Cheers for now,

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    Those scope blocks were factory fitted to these early Safari's according to my #62 and #62A catalogues. In #62 on Page 9 it states:-

    Though not provided as standard with a telescopic sight (as illistrated) the Safari De Luxe has Scope sight bases fitted for the mounting of any suitable telesciopic with Parker-Hale 'Roll Off' mounts.
    In #62a that appears on page 8. The Super style stock does not appear in #62 only in the revised #62a.

    As they are original fitments I would leave them on.. Rings are not so much a problem really.

    Oh yes and that really is a nice bit of wood there.

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    Not a difficult job to remove probably a fairly low temperature soft solder, the through bolt is to strengthen the stock and prevent recoil splitting, the action recoil lug is in a near contact to the front of the square section of the bolt.

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    That is the Mauser recoil cross bolt. Not all of the Parker-Hales had them. They ommited them from teh 1200V for intance:-

    They glass bedded them instead as the US was the target market hence the name 1200 Varmint.

    Of the early Safari rifles only the .375 H&H Magnum had the recoil Cross bolt. I really need copies o the # 63, #64, #65, #66 catalouges as those are missing from my small collection. I do have #67 and #68 along with #70 though.

    In the condition that rifle appears to be in I would leave it as is. As I said scope rings are really not that much or a problem. You really don't see many in that original condition very often now.

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