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    Coca Cola Chiller


    I have purchased a modern twin door Coca Cola drinks chiller and noticed it only cools down to 7 Deg C, its the type with the electronic LCD control unit at the bottom, does anyone know if I can program it to cool down lower or know of an engineer that is in the Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire are who can have a look at it for me.

    Your help would be appreciated.


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    Hello DS

    I have a single door coke chiller which has done me well for the last couple of years. Last week went to put some deer in it, but it but would not bring the temp down below 10 Deg C. Looking back at old threads on this site, it seems to be linked to the temp around it.Mine is in the garage and seemed to work well in summer but struggled in winter. I am getting shot of it as I dont fancy regassing it or spend money on it and could do with a bigger one anyway.

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    Hi DS I had one of these .Mine had the fins on the radiator blocked.Cleaned them out it worked well for another year. But i must say in the past i have found that when they go wrong. Chuck them out look in your local paper for a tall larder fridge 50 drill two holes throu the sides.
    then put a poll in these are ok for a roe or small fallow.
    Attachment 11305regards brian

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    Thanks lads think i will follow Brian's advice


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