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Thread: Rabbit Recipe Please

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    Rabbit Recipe Please

    A Happy new Year to all!

    And I am needing to find a rabbit recipe fast, as two for a pir waiting right now! The one I am looking for is the mark gilchrist rabbit pie that he did in the sporting gun magazine a few years back as I save it and lost it , it was bloody lovely so im miffed I have mislaid it. Failing that does anyone have a recipe for a rabbit pie that they like? I need a recipe sharpish as off too the shops soon to buy the ingredients, failing that I will get one of the net.



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    it's on youtube somewhere... just search mark gilchrist
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    joint and casserole in white wine with salt and pepper, few bays leaves and some finely chopped onions.
    do it slowly on low heat.

    once falling off the bone remove from juice and put in pie dish, thicken "gravy" with a roux (or just mix some flour with cold water and add to pan over hob to thicken)
    add to rabbit meat,
    put on pastry lid, cook to your own taste of pastry colour

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    Any of the chicken tonight sauces!

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    wow that sounds a tasty treat, will try that recipe next week, i do the same but usually do it in the oven with a oninon, carrot in about half in of water, then streain it off pull all the meat off and lightly chop with the carrot and onion, add salt and pepper then straight into puff pastry pre made stuff and thicken a little of the stock to keep it juicy and the rest for gravy, mouth watering already think i will have to get the sbs out later and have a walk round

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    best rabbit i ever had was peri-peri rabbit in wraps bloody simple bloody lovley

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    Rampant Rabbit is the Mrs favourite

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Any of the chicken tonight sauces!
    you got it sir , i did alot of that as a trainee keeper years back , i tried it with squirrel once it was okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    it's on youtube somewhere... just search mark gilchrist
    Couldn't find the Rabbit Pie one Si;

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