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Thread: Bargan Swaro Bino's here....

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    Bargan Swaro Bino's here....

    ("Bargain", idiot & no edit on title line )


    e quick!

    No connection with seller.
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    Worse thing i ever did selling my Swaro's on

    Regretted it every day ive not been diving ( sold them to upgrade my dive equipment )

    Will definately be getting another pair early this year
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    How long you been diving pheasant sniper?

    What between working for myself, crap weather, & you g family I only got in water with my rebreather twice in 2011

    Need to get in more often I miss it

    Saying that..... Need to do more with rifle too !!!


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