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Thread: Recommend a NV monocular ?

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    Recommend a NV monocular ?

    Can any one one recommend me a monocular, just got a gen 3 scope. Its an awesome bit of kit, but I have tried spotting foxes with the lamp and then calling or trying to get closer. But they are just clearing off.

    I was wondering wether the yukon stuff is worth a look ?
    Budget would be about 500 if this would cover something.
    I obviously only need to be able to spot foxes as the scope gives me more than enough clarity to double check/id for sure.



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    You could keep it cheap with a fairly basic mono (gen1, 2 or Digital) and some black glass on your lamp, cluson do a quick flip lense for theres. The only possible problem is that you will see is with a gen 1 you could struggle to pick up anything but eyes beyond 100yds. This just means you have to squeak to get them looking at you!

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    Thanks, Munty hunter, could really do with seeing a bit further.
    Its not a problem with the scope to check baits, but anything else is driving me mad

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    Save up mate and get a pvs 14 you will never look back

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    Hi my mate just got a pulsar recon 550 (gen 2 @ approx 330),with added IR torch,I watched a fox come down a hedge row towards us the other night.
    This unit (with additional torch IR) works approx 180-200y,(id not just eyes)
    He also has dipol laser on his gen 1 addon,looking at the laser IR through pulsar,you could turn down the brightness on the digital monocular giving even better picture.

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    What Gen 3 scope are you using ? as i also use US Gen 3 scopes and if im not using my pvs14/mini 14 monoculars for scanning i use my lightforce lamp with either red or amber filter and ive never really had any probs ? use it for spotting once we spot fox lamp lamp on after a wee fox again lamp off and so on till its getting into range..then i get behind the NV on the rifle and carry on till i get fox into a safe shot.

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    me and my mate use an archer with 3 lenses on the front its awesum we can see foxes easily out to 600 yrds what we do and this does work is spot the fox with the n v either wait or walk in on them till they about 100yrds then use the lamp most of the time and i do say most they so shocked that they just stand and look at light but we use a night force with adjustable power switch so we turn the lamp on very slowly we know where it is and that its safe as soon as you can see eyes or body let fly the lamp never more than half power when the strike comes back had 3 last nite usuing this method if alll else fails and they run shout OI very loud they often stop long enough for a shot cheers stu

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    Is this a standard Archer mod or something you have added on? I guess you have removed the front bayonet adaptor.

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    Markg , the pulsar sounds interesting.

    Mickyfinn, I am using an ATN mars 6, I had one of my problem foxes on sat morning whist out stalking, well I hope it was off out in a min so will see.
    I was hoping to use the lamp to spot and then call in, but I have got a couple I have been after for years.
    The trouble is we have spotted them up to 3 or 400 yards away and they just run. That is with a filter on.

    My next plan is to start baiting and then either sit and wait or move around and just check baits from a distance.

    Thanks for all the replies.

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    What are you fellas using for bait??

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