Well, it pays to do a bit of digging on the net, I recently developed a load for my Border barreled M595 .223, utilising some good looking soft point, flat base 55 grain (Lead) Nosler's, they came from a friend, in exchange for an equal quantity of A max 52's..............I had a trawl of Nosler's site to ascertain SD & BC, but the catalogue number & basic description did not jump out of the page,Saubier had the nearest info, this led to some Aussie / NZ shooter sites,Where I found the full colour advert showing these exact items, seems these bullets are specifically intended for the volume shooter concentrating on Roo's! Supposed to be explosive on impact for "HEAD SHOOTING" these animals, my own experience on fox with these bullets has been the exact opposite!, in fact I was convinced of their suitabillity for Roe, my observations have been further backed up by some small print at the base of the label on the box, " Standard Hunting or Target Shooting " This seems to mirror the recent heated discussions on large calibre A max for deer in our own fair land!