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Thread: CZ 452 / Sako Finnfire

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    CZ 452 / Sako Finnfire


    Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone.

    Secondly, I wondered if I could get some advice.

    I was in a local gun shop yesterday and found a second hand Sako Finnfire .22LR. It's the standard model. It could do with a strip and clean, but otherwise looks to be in good condition.

    I already have an old but quite nice CZ 452. It doesn't owe me much and its very accurate with the right ammunition (Eley subs). My two centre fire rifles are both Sako's. I like the layout of these rifles and I am used to the position of the safety catch etc.

    I've always fancied a Finnfire, but am now wondering whether there is much point in exchanging a perfectly good CZ rifle with an unknown Sako, albeit I can test the Finnfire before I commit to it. I'd need to find about 300 to buy the Sako and the wait for a variation is likely to take a couple of months.

    There have been threads about rimfires in the past and I've added how cheap, accurate and reliable my CZ is to the debate. I now wonder if I am about to ignore my own advice.

    My question for those with experience of both rifles is; do you think its worth the cost and hassle of changing from the CZ to the Finnfire? I think a rimfire is probably the one rifle I am likely to keep into my old age, so I plan to keep it.

    I'd appreciate your advice.



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    confidence and familiarity with a rifle is uttermost important, even if the sako looks nice and perhaps shoots a touch better, your own shooting will be far superior if you are familiar and have that confidence in your old trusty.

    I use an old BRNO Mod 2 .22LR and will never change unless forced to, even though Anschutz and other brands are nice and shiney, I bet they won't deliver better results as the old BRNO and I are close buddies.

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    I am in a position to own as many rifles as I wish without having to give one up for another and I can tell you, that if that Finnfire was in a shop here for $450 US I'd have the cash on the counter in a nano-second.

    If my situation was different, and i only had one .22 over all these years, it would probably be my old Brno#5, a rifle I've had for 31 years and with which I've killed countless heads of game: from lizards to mean feral dogs. It is scruffy and scarred and the bluing is worn but it shoots as well as I can hold. Always has, and from -40F to +130F it has never failed to function.

    Faced with the proposition of having to give up my old hunting partner to buy the Finnfire, I'd walk away from the Sako with only a tiny regret. ~Muir

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    Hi Bob

    I started with a cz .22 with a trigger job. lovely gun and perfect for its role, rabbits and occasional targets, however i always wanted a Finnfire , one came along , a nice Hunter and i bought it, not dissapointed at all , is it more accurate, erm not really but certainly no worse, does it feel/look better , in my eyes a big yes. Worth the extra money , for me a resounding yes and one i wont loose any money on , but i dont intend selling it.
    i also bought a Tikka T3 in .223 , because it was a good deal, no complaints at all with the gun but for me it wasnt a Sako, sold the gun and now have a lovely 85 Hunter
    I also have a great Savage HMR thumbhole which is the mutts nutts , but guesss what , i have a hankering for Sako quad.
    As you can see theres a pattern , for me i find the Sako brand perfect for fit and function and i have wastede a little money not buying what i really wanted in the first place .
    I think if you want one( and can afford it ) , buy one , because for me until i got them it was an itch that always needed scratching and i am over the moon i did buy them, as are many Sako enthusiasts



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    Get both, the reason is you want to put a digital night sight on one. It is the new year!


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    Thanks for your replies on this.

    I tested the Finnfire last night and pretty much fell for it straight away. I think its time to move the CZ on, hopefully to someone on here as its a sound little gun with lots of life left in it.

    Take care,


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    Bob, good call. I am on the look- out for one myself.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have been using my CZ and like yours is very accurate. Remember it is accuracy that kills. I have a Sako centre fire which is also a jem. Your call.

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    I have a cz in 17HMR which i love but when i first got my F.A.C i was advised to get a Finfire , many years
    on and many thousands of rounds later i have never regretted the choice, i love it to bits

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    .well i have had both the finfire in 22lr and the sako quad.

    and to be totally honest, they are not worth the extra money, a cz will shoot the same last longer and look the same as it did 10 years down the road as the day you got it,

    i don't purchase rifles to sit rubbing them better after i have scratched it, or pay 2 x what id pay for a cz mag than a anni mag, the costs all add up to the same thing.

    they all should shoot the same, it this beauty thing, in the eyes of the beholder and all the carp,

    PS: its like my best man said, marry a ugly woman and she will love you till the day you die and will never leave you, so where did i go wrong

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