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Thread: great start to the new year

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    great start to the new year

    Had a call from the bank this morning.... Accounts hacked, money gone. Happy new year

    Let's hope it gets better eh!!!

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    When you put your money in a bank, you trust them to keep it safe.... it's your inconvenience but it's their problem.

    ...or at least that's how it should be
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    Same thing happened to a very good freind of mine.

    He had to go to the bank and get them to authorise an overdraft to pay his bills while they sorted out the problem.

    Ended up that he had signed a standing order for a bogus charity for the sum of 10 a year and they had cleaned out his account.

    Hope it gets sorted soon.

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    When this happened to me the bank sorted it once the police gave me an incident no.. All sorted with money replaced with in 24 hours , just had to wait for new cards to arrive
    When this happend to the OH it took almost 2 weeks to sort..
    Different banks ... Different policies
    Hope it get's sorted quickly

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    Bummer mate. hope it gets sorted.
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    Yeah hopefully it'll be sorted soon, won't know anything until Tue because of the bank holiday.

    It's a shitty feeling but the kindness of someone on here cheered me right up!!

    Cheers all.

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    Sorry to hear this, that's terrible I hope it gets sorted and fast.

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    Can I ask which bank it was?

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    Yep had it last Christmas when my card got skimmed/nicked Christmas eve aswell the cheeky *******s filled up with petrol at the exact same time as I did at the local tesco so I must have stood next to them when I was filling up with petrol lol Rbs were great to be honest paid my money back in within a couple of days so could not fault them hope your as lucky mate ATB

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    The bank was santander.

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