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Thread: Steyr daimler puch

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    Steyr daimler puch

    Can any one date my stery daimler puch ag steyr mannlicher mod l .308 maid in austria mod l no 66588 aple swing off mounts with swaroski habicht 3 12 x 56 nova scope

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    Yes. There are three letters next to the serial no. Let me know what they are.

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    Hi Shadow. look at my thread on page 2. Rifles and calibres Mannlicher stutzen model L. It gives you the Mannlicher codes for your rifle .Cheers High seat.

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    IRISH BOB the only other letters numbers are c norm m3 170 stle 3 they are hard to see cheers shadow

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    Shadow, if you look at the post that High Seat is referring to it shows the Mannlicher dating system. You should have three letters, as shown in the post, this will give you the date of manufacture. If you have not got those letters then your rifle may pre-date the system. Someone else on here will have an answer.

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