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Thread: Annoying Torch

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    Annoying Torch

    I bought a torch for Michelle the other week but it has an annoying trait where by you press the button and its bright, then when you press again you have to go through a few more settings, ie strobe, sos, dim light etc. Are there any of the cree type torches of a good power that dont have thisd type of daft switch?

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    The Cluson Pro Spotter has a two-function switch (bright/dim). Press it in hard and the same switch acts as on/off. Nice and simple.

    Never could figure out why you'd want a strobe function unless you're expecting to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

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    You can always remove the chip from underneath the tail cap if you're a dab with a soldering iron.....

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    Get on the bay and buy the replacement switch which is bright mode only, costs about 4
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    So how do I go about moving the chip Eric and will also look for the replacement switch



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    If that is a ledray 4 -700 I ordered some spare touch pads and had the local leccy strip em out and made the lights a straight push with no funny bits. you do get used to them after a while, I used to set mine all up before going out, otherwise they would have got slung halfway through the night, there is nothing worse than a faulty lamp when a charlie is looking at you.

    Have just got the ND.3 X 50 it is some lamp, best so far, have had no problem with the cold / wet or anything, works a treat and the clarity is superb, the ledrays are back up now

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    I probably have the same torch as you as you put me onto them. The chip only takes you through the different settings if you press it off and on again quickly.
    In other words if you have it on the bright setting and turn it off then, provided you wait a few seconds, it will still be on the bright setting when you turn it back on.
    Hope you find this works for Michelle

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