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Thread: 2-penny barrel finish.

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    2-penny barrel finish.

    I rebarreled my commercial FN mauser to 6.5x55 a couple of weeks back. The barrel was in the white and I didn't want to cold blue it, nor did I want the gun hot blued, so I bought some not reflective, olive drab enamel paint and gave the warm barrel a couple of coats after a good degreasing. The paint cost $4.95US so I figure I used about 2-cents worth. Not the prettiest but durable and renewable. The target is some groups fired while experimenting with different holds. The two on the bottom were hard holds, the top a normal hold. All with PPU ammo.~Muir

    (The bottom orange paster has a single hole from a round of Federal 140 grain in its center. It was my last round of Fed and a called shot. Not bad...)

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    Hi Muir

    Paint job Looking good and the group's looking good also.

    Well done Muir

    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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