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Thread: PM facility working ok?

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    PM facility working ok?

    Just seem to have 2 PM's in my Outbox which have not transfered to my Sent mail.

    Just wondered if anybody else has experienced problems with PM's at all?

    Or rather (as it is probably something I am doing wrong) has anyone recently sent a PM successfully?


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    They will sit in your outbox untill the person you sent it to reads it.

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    Thanks Tartin - mega.

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    what you may need to do jon
    is post it on the site to those hav not opened them so they can look and see if they hav them in there inbox or not
    as i had the same problem with Adrian Knight about the last dog day
    he could not recieve pm's from me at all but i could from him

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    Thanks Stone. Yep good idea. If I don't get a reply after a bit I will do.

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