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Thread: Lucky to be alive, some pictures

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    Lucky to be alive, some pictures

    With luck some pictures of my Zaffy and the blue Vectra that hit us whilst travelling backwards on my side of the road. The collision was so violent that the Vectra went up over the bonnet and it was the exhaust that nearly went through the windscreen. It came to a final halt about 20yds further down the road.

    Happy New Year

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    Wow! Looks like the A-pillar did its job there. Scary stuff!

    Glad you are all ok!


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    Thanks, but I think I have posted it in the wrong section please could you move it to general discussion.

    Many thanks

    Happy New year


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    jesus hope you went a got a lottery ticket your family were VERY lucky mate .all the best for 2012

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    Looks awfull, glad everyone is unhurt.

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    You are one lucky son of a gun!!!, Like the man says buy a lottery ticket while your on a run of luck.
    Glad no one hurt!

    ATB Barry

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    Very lucky to get out of that in one piece ATB C

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    Let's hope your luck holds as you hit the rear of the car it would not surprise me one bit knowing the insurance scumbags for them to say it's your fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Let's hope your luck holds as you hit the rear of the car it would not surprise me one bit knowing the insurance scumbags for them to say it's your fault.
    Dont think that is likely Brit owing to the fact that the vectra was going backwards on the wrong side of the road,glad you are all OK,know what you mean tho Brit about insurance companies.

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    Mother has just had a years protected NC knocked off due to a reported accident last July. We got a phone call saying she had been involved in an accident. Trying to reach her on her mobile failed so there was a bit of concern. So had to drive over to where she was heading only to find the car parked in the community centres car park with no visible damage apart from the dented wing which was like that when we brought it.

    Go inside Mother is painting with the art group unaware of it all.

    Not happy with insurance company for worrying us. Go home and phone them and they refuse to give any details only that the claimment has her name date of birth and policy number it was then we remembered having to phone the company as the new documents for the car had not arrived. Seems the lack wits had sent them to the wrong address. Now we know how they got the details but they still refuse to tell us who made the claim.

    Only that they claim that Mother hit their parked van then went into the cafe to exchange details........................................... ........ Hmmm no cafes around here . So we kick up a fuss and they eventually 2 months after send an inspector out to photograph the car. We show the advert from when we brought the car showing the dented wing.

    They we come to December and renewal time and they still claim she has had an accident then they wonder we we are not renewing with them. not only are they useless but damned expensive now. Did a web search and cut the quote in half and got free break down cover. Take that Admiral.

    Which is why I posted that.. Don't trust the scumbags.

    Six months and it's still being looked into.............................. yeah right.

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