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    Don't know if I am doing this right but here is my introduction!

    I mainly shoot birds in the UK and don't have land or firearms that I can use here other than for zeroing. I got hooked on driven boar shooting abroad about 7 years ago and use a Laurona 9.3x74R double and a 300 Win Mag Blaser R93.

    I bought a house in the South of France last year and have been acquainting myself with the laws and bureaucracy down there, have successfully got my validation for hunting there, and have done a lot of research in the process. If anyone needs info on hunting in France I may be able to help.

    I recently had my first trip down to hunt with the locals, they welcomed me with open arms and we shot 6 pigs over the weekend, although sadly I can't claim any myself! The meat is shared out and my neighbour's freezer is loaded awaiting my next visit.

    It is so refreshing to shoot with hounds in a country where you can strap your kill to a bull bar and drive it around the village without fear of antis and other politically correct types criticising your sport. They hunt every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (plus public holidays!) and 10% of the village population belong to the hunt.

    I can't wait to go and live there but will be stuck here for a few years yet!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Sounds great Pighunter, welcome to the forum!

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    welcome to the site, yes am very intrested boar hunting any info would be greatfull regards johnny

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    I'm tempted by France myself and looked at a couple of houses there - seems like a lot of land and space for not too much money. Was it a bureacratic nightmare buying the house, getting hunting validation etc.? Cheers.

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    Buying a house in France is relatively easy and certainly relatively inexpensive, and there is lots of info on the net. One of the biggest bonuses is that once you have paid your deposit if either party pulls out they lose their deposit, which prevents gazumping and time wasting.

    If you don't speak the lingo (I am reasonably proficient) and I would recommend in any event, that you get an English lawyer to oversee the purchase for a fixed fee, I used these guys who were great

    Look for a good hunting area - I bought in the Pyrenees Orientales of Languedoc Roussillion where boar, roe and mouflon are plentiful and the Med is not far away. The locals hunt every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and it is ingrained in local life and a big social occasion. You can only hunt big game driven with the group, unless you have a special licence where there is crop damage being done, but I don't know about how to get this yet. 3 days a week is enough for most people anyway!

    You don't need land! The hunt can go where they like provided that it is not fenced off and signposted 'no hunting.' This makes hunting far more accessible to everyone, and there were folk from 15-94 years old out when I went. If you own a house, can communicate in French (for safety and social reasons) and have a validation to hunt, you have the right to join the local hunt, but don't pull that card unless you need to, better to meet them and ask to be invited as a guest. An English hunter is a novelty, especially when many incomers are anti and just don't understand why there are groups of people out shooting rifles around their houses 3 days per week - perfectly normal and very desirable to you and me!

    It is quite easy to get a validation with a UK FAC or shotgun cert and costs around 180 euros a year for a full ticket to include boar and birds. Temporary permits are available for much less. You can posess arms on your European Pass but must also have the validation and insurance (included in the above cost.) The alternative is to get a permis de chasse, which involves written and practical exams in French so you would need to be almost fluent. The annual fee for my local hunt is 130 euros for all legal quarry, so 310 euros gets you 3 days driven boar shooting per week every week of the season. Bargain! You do need to own a house though, or have a French buddy to invite you down as a guest.

    I feel very priveleged to have all of this available and have made many new friends down there already. Next season I plan to be down every other weekend to hunt Saturday and Sunday, it is 6 hours door to door (I live very near Gatwick) and if you book in advance it costs about 150 for flight and car hire for a weekend. Compare that to a day's pheasant shooting!

    That's all for now, but I will happily go into more detail on any aspect if anyone would like.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll give it some thought and do some more research, and may perhaps have a few more questions for you in due course, if that's OK...

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    Nice pig, too! Mmm, crackling...

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