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Thread: 6.5x55 bullet weights

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    6.5x55 bullet weights

    What do most 6.5x55 users use? I'm starting to reload and looking at folks opinions. I'll be shooting mainly fallow, reds and munti. While I'm on any recipes for 243 fixing rounds?

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    I'm using Nosler Partitions 140grn and Reloader22,

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    What do you mean by "243 fixing rounds"?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Sorry fat finger syndrome should read foxing.

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    I use N160 which produces very good results from my 6.5x55 I currently use 120grn Nosler BT's. ATBTom

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    ive loaded from 120gn through to 160gn , with RL22 - N160 - N560 - varget !

    and they all produced sub inch goups

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    dont reload but i like the 120 gr nosler bt norma use

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    Found that either the Seer 120 grain or the Hornady 129 grain bullets work well. Choose a medium to slow burning powder and the swede will normally give good grouping. 4350 or either IMR or Hodgdons work well as does Reloader 19.

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    i use nos 120g bt 50.5 grn vit 560 br primers cci norma case sub half inch at 100 mts 2900 fps shot red fallow roe muty puts um down every time.

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    Have a look at this site . I use 120 grain , mainly pro hunters but may move too 140 grain. I use N160 too, just remember when you reload Swedes , you probably wont get the bullet anywhere near the lands as the throat on the rifles are deep to accomodate the longer bullets. My best groups were with 49 grains N160 with no signs of exessive pressure. Also I would full length resize each time you reload if your hunting.
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