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Thread: shooting test DSC1

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    shooting test DSC1

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me about the dsc1 shooting test, is it true that only factory grade ammunition is allowed? i am going to use my t3 varmint in .243, can anyone recommend a good factory load

    Many thanks


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    think you will find this is true .for insurance reasons.

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    thanks for that, will have to buy some factory ammo see what works best, have they got to be 100 gr soft points?

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    I remember I used a battered old rifle from behind the seat of a Subaru, it's owner well known & respected in the deer stalking world, all the ammunition on site, including the other training personnel's stocks, were home loads.
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    i dont think the ammo used was ever mentioned on our one...i borrowed a rifle/ammo anyway so perhaps wouldnt have had to ask.


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    dean, im doing my dsc this month with jelen.

    they accept home loads, as long as they are 100 grain.

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    thanks for that. i have registered with there online courses after getting there cd-rom training disc for xmas, they look a class outfit, done ten tests so far online and got over 95% every time so far, good look with your dcs1

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    there were lads using home loads on my course at paul lane rifle club.stav
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    Check with your assessment centre for minimum bullet weight, ME & MV, I was told no home loads and that the ammunition had to be deer legal for England. I used federal 95grn ballistic tips in .243 and got a group of around 0.5 inch on the zero target. you really need to try some different makes of ammunition and if you have a 1:10 twist rate in your .243 barrel you will probably get your tightest groups with 90-95grn bullets.
    The thing I found most useful however was to practice a few minutes dry firing each day to develop comfortable shooting positions and to eliminate as much movement as possible when pulling the trigger.
    Also, apart from checking your zero beforehand double check that your barrel, mounts & scope are really secure atb Tim

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