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Thread: firearms incident

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    firearms incident

    oh dear . reports of a firearms incident in peterlee cumbria on sky news. 4 dead

    More grief for the shooting community !!

    atb steve

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    I feel for the family of the victims but Certainly not good news for anyone within the shooting community. Once again the news covers the incident without expressing if the shotgun / firearm was lawfully owned . I sometimes struggle to see the difference between someone being shot than someone being stabbed to death with a kitchen knife or intentionly ran down and killed by a motor vehicle ,if a persons intention is to kill someone then the tool used to do it is not relivant . The fact is that its murder and you dont need a license for a kitchen knife .

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    Oh S--t ive just read the thread in legal issues concerning drink driving and firearms and my intention was not to create a discusion about legal issues and the fors and against , just stated my personal oppinion .

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    jesus just watched sky news, its practically on my door step only 10 miles away,what brings someone to loose control so badiy to commit an act like this, the police have just stated that 3 shotguns and 3 section 1 firearms were legally held by the house owner who is dead at the scene, get tight a hold boys were in for a rough ride the mans been named as a michael atherton, did anyone on here know him?
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    that's a very sad piece of news, four people dead and whatever the reasons there's nothing can change it. It will now be a case of the investigation to see who or what was at fault to let this happen.

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    From AOL.

    A man who shot himself after killing three women last night was a licensed holder of firearms, it emerged today.
    The bodies of the man, in his 40s, and the three women were found in close proximity downstairs in the semi-detached house in Greenside Avenue, Peterlee, after officers were alerted to shots being fired shortly before 11.45pm yesterday.
    This morning at a press conference Superintendent Ivan Wood confirmed that a resident of the house held a firearms licence.
    Police also confirmed that a teenage woman who suffered minor injuries escaped through an upstairs window, and there were other people in the house at the time who also survived, including a man who was initially arrested but later released without charge.
    Detective Superintendent Paul Goundry said all the deceased were related. He also revealed that police had had "minor contact" with the family in the past.
    A 19-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital with minor shotgun injuries had been discharged, police said
    A spokesman said all four are related or known to each other and at this stage they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths. A shotgun was found lying next to the man's body.
    Neighbours in Greenside Avenue said the people involved were "normal, ordinary people".
    Robert Bailey, 72, a long-standing resident of Greenside Avenue, spoke of his shock following the news.
    "There is shock. There is never any trouble here and we have been here for nearly 50 years," he said.
    Durham Police said officers were alerted by a caller reporting that a number of people had been shot inside the property.
    Firearms officers were quickly deployed to the scene and when they entered the property they discovered four bodies - one male, three female - in different rooms in the downstairs of the house. Paramedics confirmed all four were dead at the scene.
    The man is believed to be in his early 40s and while the ages of the female victims have not yet been established, it is thought the youngest was in her teens.
    The area has been cordoned off since shortly after midnight and police say the house will be subjected to a forensic examination.
    Anyone with information is being asked to contact Durham Constabulary on 101 or to ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
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    Plenty going on. Speaking to my brother last night I found out the Manchester shooting was on my nieces doorstep. At the moment the shooting seems to be a family insident. There is no reason for doom and gloom on the FAC department. If he wanted it to happen with no guns he would have found another way. Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Plenty going on. Speaking to my brother last night I found out the Manchester shooting was on my nieces doorstep. At the moment the shooting seems to be a family insident. There is no reason for doom and gloom on the FAC department. If he wanted it to happen with no guns he would have found another way. Jim
    A dreadfull tradjedy of course,and I agree he would have found another way,but I am afraid the public at large wont see it that way,they will just see another killing spree with firearms, oh dear oh dear

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    This is tragic news indeed and one can only feel for the family and friends of the victims.

    Can I also take this opportunity to make a gentle reminder that we, as in shooters in general, but also this site which is completely open for the world to see, will undoubtedly be under scrutiny from the public and the media and to consider carefully how posts that are made with the best of intentions can be misinterpreted outside of context and the site.

    I know it's easy to get caught up in it but please try to avoid making suppositions or criticisms about the case which are going to undoubtedly arise fuelled by the inevitable media frenzy.

    Lastly I know I can speak for the members of the site and the admin team in extending our heartfelt sympathies to the friends and family of the victims in this tragedy.


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    tragic of course but sounds like drink may have fuelled things as csl says we cannot jump to wild statements
    notice the press again makeing out "6weapons in house" not that police have said they were even the one "shotgun " used.
    They are at it already

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