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Thread: duplicate stocks

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    duplicate stocks

    does anyone know of a good duplicate stock maker in the UK if I build a pattern stock from an existing rifle?

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    Ahhhhh PKL .......................................... do you have weally deep pockets?

    I ask because I have been doing some pricing up for having a semi inletted walnut stock fitted as well there are three of my rifles that need finishing. Tried a couple of Americans but was getting no where especially witht eh Mannlicher Schoenauer so switched to ask about the BSA P14 sporter and tried Don Roninson ............................................... I am still recovering from the shock.

    To finish inlet, fit the stock with rosewood or ebony tip and cap finish the outside and fit recoil pad .................................. 800-1000 .

    Looks like I am going to have to get some inletting chislels etc and learn to do it myself. If it comes to it and I cannot manage the recoil pad there is the chap in Boston that is reasonable in price for that then I can do the finish myself.

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    When I was looking through one or two US forums, I found some guys saying they could get a duplicate made at hourly shop rates, and it should take no more than 25 depends on the hourly rate I guess, but surely can't be more than $200/hr!

    you also have to add in the cost of a walnut blank, but that's hardly a big expense, I think I've seen some nice one's for less than $100.

    I'd want to do the ebony fore-end, grip cap and recoil pad myself, as well as the bedding job and the stock finish.

    I found a guy here but his email keeps bouncing,,have you enquired there before?

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    What stock is it that you want copied?

    I have seen somewhere that does it for $100 but blowed if I can recall where. Will have to do some looking.

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