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Thread: Happy new year I think

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    Happy new year I think

    My bet for the first post new year , would be admin wishing us all a great new year ,. I lost ! A safe and happy new year to you all .

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    You to Trapper.
    Best wishes, "Admin"

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    Happy New Year Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Sorry its been a bit late, but I only got back late yesterday afternoon from my lease in Dorset, with a total of 3 Sika and 2 Roe for 4 outings, so not to bad. Weather was very cold and still, but plenty of deer about.

    JAYB is in bed with a bad dose of the FLU, and it has knocked the old boy for 6, so he is wrapped up warm, and hopefully will be back in the saddle soon.

    All the best to you all from all the Admin team

    Sikamalc, JAYB and Mark

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