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Thread: lee's manual

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    lee's manual

    hi, could anyone point me where too get the latest lee's modern reloading book from. tried fleabay. stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Abe books AbeBooks Official Site - New Out of Print Books is a great way to find shooting books- and a lot cheaper than fleabay too.

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    cheers windknot, but not got the latest addition.stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    got mine on Amazon, but Henry Kranks does it

    I didnt rate it personally and sold mine on here!

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    Have you tried Henry Krank in Pudsey

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    stav i noticed my rfd had a copy of lee no2 manual if thats the one you are looking for

    i could make enquiries for tou i noticed he had it in a box with a load of loading kit someone must
    have sold up i am going to see him tomoro so if you want i can find out for you

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    hi, bewsher500, what would you or any one else reckommend for myself looking at starting too reload. d foxxer, just after a good starters book to read before i spend any money on the kit but by all means do ask about the book for me and let me know.many thanks stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    The latest copy of Lee's book was a revision in September 2011. More data, better layout. Ask your dealer to get the "2nd Edition, Revised" It will be worth the wait.~Muir

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    If you are just starting out buy the book read it then again oh and again also any books you can find on reloading read those also.
    If you know someone that already reloads ask the to show you, the range I am a member of runs a reloading course every now and
    then, if you can find something like this it will be worth going on.
    When you start take your time make sure you have no distractions and just follow the logical steps.
    CSL did a step by step it's here if you have not had a look yet.

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