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    bolt handle

    The bolt handle on one of my rifles is a little short and small, when you cycle the bolt it comes so close to the ocular piece of the scope that you can only continue cycling the round by using the palm of your hand. I was thinking of locating a longer bolt handle with a much bigger bolt knob and having it cut/welded on as a replacement, pretty simple, however, where do I go about finding a decent bolt handle without having to get permission to acquire a bolt, etc. do any RFD's/Gunshops have bolts kicking around from 'binned' rifles?

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    Brownells in the US. Perhaps Midway UK??~Muir

    EDIT:Yup Midway UK has them. Start looking on page three of the list.
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    This one was fitted to the Swedes bolt by Norman Clark .........................:-

    He also supplied the handle.

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    Whoa! STOP!

    Before you go down the expensive bending, stretchin, cutting, tigging and all that jazz route there is ANOTHER solution. It's cheaper, you could do it your very own self too!

    Depends how much extra you need.

    My advice is to think about grinding down the bolt handle ball to create a shank THE SAME LENGTH. In other words DO NOT shorten anything just grind the handle down very very carefully.

    Then thread the end with a die and tap set and screw on a new ball. (Which has been tapped to the same thread). That will gain you if done an extra 1/4" to 3/8" that might be just enough to solve the problem.

    In theory then just run some braze to lock the two together.

    To gain more length rather than thread the end of the shank you could TAP it instead and then screw on a ball that you have taken off a scrap bolt and on which you have tapped the end of.

    If you search You Tube there is a Larry Potterfield video showing just this last, for just that problem. He makes the effective bolt handle longer by tapping the shank and screwing on a ball from an old Mauser.

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    Check out Bills Bolt Knobs on the net ,he is in the states and ships to the UK ...hundreds of designs on his site. Also if you check out Badger Ordnance you will see details of how to fit a bolt knob,
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    Hi PKL,
    What make and model of rifle are you talking about mate?


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    thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.
    what make and modle of rilfe s it? some are easy to change or mod ?

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    The Swedes bolt handle was very short. That new one is well over an inch longer plus it looks good to my mind it was worth what I paid at the time.

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