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Thread: Equipment needed for doing DCS1 course

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    Equipment needed for doing DCS1 course

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me what equipment is needed to take the dsc1 course? all replies would be most helpful

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    Hows Buxton doing? A few years spent there in the 80's.

    Unhelpfully, it depends on what course you are attending - most centres will issue a 'kit list' with their correspondence.

    If they have already issued a manual - that's the most commonly forgotten item.

    Then pens, note paper etc for study side.

    Any relevant documentation - FAC, insurance ( and/or membership something like BASC, SGA etc ), if no FAC some form of identification.

    Depending on location and set up outdoor clothing, boots and so on - carry warm stuff in case there's much standing about.

    To take shooting test - rifle, bolt, mag, ammo if using own. Ear defenders - even if moderated. Sticks etc

    Safety test - binoculars are handy

    Most centres have spare kit to help you through. Generally advise people not to buy anything just for the course - as you'll see lots of kit there and may well change ideas in the process. But if you have stuff you are used to and like, thats usually better than borrowed.

    Just a quickie rather than my usual drone on, but any queries, please dont hesitate to drop me a line.
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    thats good info thank you, all noted down now, buxton still the same either raining or foggy with odd week of dry in the summer, will be in touch if i need anymore help

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    Hi, a friend and I did our DSC's last year with Dave Stretton at Donington Deer Management, great guys. We already had experience of shooting and stalking so we didn't do the full three day course, we just swotted up the theory and attended for the single test day. Swot! the more you swot the better the chances of passing the trest first time. I'm a bit of a geek so I created a programme to help us ( and a few others since) to pass the test. The others did a three day course but supplemented that with revision at home beforehand. My programme has now become an online service which you can see at There is a thread running in this forum about fundraising for Crohn's disease where I have offered to donate to the fund for everyone who signs up through this forum. So if you do decide to subscribe, please let me know and a donation will be made. Good luck with your test.

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    thanks for thew offer very good of you, i signed up to the jelen online service last week after getting there cd-rom training disc for xmas, both good products for revising and doing there online testing facility, keep up the good work and have a great new year

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