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    I watched a programme the other night about moose and the causes of death on some were the massive infestation of ticks.

    Has anyone in the british isles ever come across an animal in such bad condition to have been caused by parasites.

    I have seen a hind that was in very bad shape and would not have lasted the winter, when inspected she was riddled with warbles and also nasal bot fly.


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    In parts of Sweden there is a growing problem with keds. There have been cases of the Ked burden on the moose being so great that the moose have died. Also bald moose in poor condition. These bald moose have grown back there hair later.

    I don't have many Keds on my ground but some places I've hunted you get covered in the little sods.

    One of the causes is said to be global warming. We have had 2 very wet and not too cold winters these last couple of years. This years , so far is a lot colder so perhaps that will thin them out a bit.

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    So, does this mean that everyone shoots perfectly healthy animals or does not inspect them fully when culled?

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    On average an adult red deer will be carrying approx 300 ticks of different stages, without any ill effect, however deer at a low ebb will lay down more stay longer in rashy ground , braken or burnsides and therefore have a higher tick burden this in return will further effect the condition of the deer.
    Generally , sika deer carry more ticks followed by red then roe.

    Stags both red and sika can quite often have 3000-5000 ticks on without ill effect unless the ticks are carrying disease.

    i do inspect all deer shot and often leave deer on the hill, if we are selecting poor and sickly animals then we will obviouslycome across animals unfit for consumption.

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