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Thread: Could I have some of your views please?

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    Could I have some of your views please?

    Hi All,

    I have a decision to make about our German Shepherd, it is either to try ad re-home or put him to sleep.

    Reasons why, He has bitten my youngest twice properly (head area) over the last 18 months and last night he attacked my eldest dog a Springerdor (gun dog) whilst eating her dinner. The wife doesn't like walking him as he is unriluy with her and tries to get at people (mainly men) or other dogs.

    I wanted to put him down the first time he bit my son but the wife didn't want to as she feels she has failed the dog if we did that.

    What would you think about doing in this situations

    Many Thanks


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    sorry chap but wouldnt have bit my kids twice however you could try rehomeing him but as soon as they find out why you gunna be outa luck unless you try a local farmer may want it for a guard dog dunno if im helping

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    I think you would have to be very careful about rehoming unfortunately. However if you could find a "working" home for it there may be some scope. Guard dog etc.

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    Dog that bites a child - get him put down now. You just cannot put a dog in front of the safety of your child (or any child). Your wife feels that she may have failed the dog - sorry mate she and you have failed your child.

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    tough one buddy
    I have a boarder collie been my best buddy for ten years comes every where with me. I now have a daughter 1yr old and sorry would not trust my dog as far as I could chuck him. Have had to be very careful the old boy is very jelous and now she is walking the dog wants to be as far away as poss, from her.

    This is good but I feel sorry for the dog its not his fault but my daughter comes first. I never want to be in your shoes I feel for you. Fine him a good home


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    Sorry Daz, but imho its a no-brainer "twice properly head area" as you said yourself. He's got to go, and I dont mean to another home. It cant be a nice choice to have to make though, mate.
    ATB Lee

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    hard one for you , but i say you would have to put him down for the safety of your & other children

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    Sad as it is, I would say it would have to be put down. You can't take the risk. Suppose it really hurts someone/thing (or worse) even if re-homed. How would feel then?
    Better safe than sorry.

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    sorry to say it pal but after the first incident my mind would have been made up, trip to the vets i think may be the only answer... and on this occasion i actually agreed with gazza!! if you did re-home it and it happened to someone else maybe worse how would you feel then? it may be hard but its the right thing to do..
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Sad to say my dog would only bite a kid once, and that's game over.

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