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Thread: Building a Lodge

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    Building a Lodge

    well i have just secured some more land and discussed with the landowner about constructing my own hunting lodge

    has anyone attempted anything like this or come across this type of shoot'n shack.

    i have some extremely vivid ideas in mind.

    1st of all i would like this to accomadate at least 2 ppl and have some kind of woodburner inside cheap as possible. and big enough to sleep the night or 10.

    i would appreciate ideas on construction , location, windows on all 4 sides ?

    its going to be completely self sufficient but with no gas or electricity.


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    Buy a timber framed garage local to your area get it delivered as close as possible, insulate the walls and roof area with spray insulation buy OSB sheet boards line the walls after insulating them ,buy a wood burning stove sold by Machine Mart ,make a couple of bunks by two mattresses form Macro by some nylon sheeting make covers for them to keep the dampness off them easy stuff .
    That way if you loose the ground you can set fire to it only leaving a black scorch mark on the ground or easily remove it to another site not like a caravan once the wheel bearing's and chassis go your knackered

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    We are in the process of doing somthing similar, you will run into all sorts of planning regulations pretty quickly because of your intended use.

    Building it is the easy part!

    You'll need planning permission for what you are after, so that means proper plans, building regs, permission for intended use and the costs associated, or at least the landowner will. There are however a couple of ways around it, although it's a bit of a fine line and planners will twist a bit about it.

    Whatever happens you'll need to OK it with the planners. Trust me, you cant just build something and think 'to hell with them', because they can just say to hell with you' and tear it down and charge you for the costs of doing so and possibly drag you to court as well.

    PM me if you want the finer details.

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    I don't know where you are in the country but you dont require planning for a shed . up to 24 metre Sq ,30mters if it is more than 5 meters away from a dwelling .
    Planning is only required for a permanent structure, a shed is not classed as permanent, it has no electricity form a direct supply or water from a direct supply, then you will require planning and feudal consent ,Like most farm sheds built from timber and steel do not require any planning ,when built with brick and block construction they must have planning and a engineers report .
    If you offer information to your local planning office, they will take it on board as its revenue for them ,you will then require all sorts , and a shed load of cash and council tax .

    you don't tell them your sleeping in it either its a store .

    If you ever fish on the main salmon rivers in the UK ,they have bothies for fishermen to have there tea and shelter from the weather, no planning required these bothies, they have all the mod cons in them .

    This is all your doing for you stalking at the end of the day .

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    To reinforce what Widows Son has said:-
    I asked my local authority (Bucks) about putting a shed on green belt land behind my home. The crux of the matter is whether it is fixed to a foundation. Wood sheds with a wood floor sat on slabs or railway sleepers are not. A concrete sectional garage on a concrete base is.
    I hope this helps.

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    Probably the easist and cheapest way is a caravan (preferably large static) or some sort of portabin.

    You can get a decent used static caravan for between 500 and 1000 and if looked after and maintained will have probably 5 to 10 years off life left in it...It won't be as grand as a timber built lodge but it still works very well..

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    Did you mean a place like this?

    Planning can be quite hard to get and a static caravan is too easy for unwelcome visitors to spot if its the normal white and cream.


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    fantastic Mark

    why not get your farmer to apply for a pole barn , ( think you still can)
    can't be much cost involed in that application , then at a later date it can get granted status to change of use ,
    but in the mean time you just put up a half decent wooden shed on the same site surround it by leylandies and job done everthing thing should be still legal
    if they do check up and kick up a fuss then shed easily removed and put back at a later stage or if you want the haas put lodge an appeal that will give you some breathing space and could take years to come to an end
    either way i shouldn't worry to much, as garden sheds don't seem to attract to much attention unless in the public eye

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    Here's a company that build log cabins (SHEDS) the prices for what you get in pretty good you'd be looking for something like 10x14 .

    Ive assembled these child's play .

    Again no planning restrictions apply its a SHED at the end of the day the foundations and building materials, that give you the problems with planning the word KISS should be used it equates to,
    then you won't get any bother from planning, local councils a like .

    I see where Pete is coming from ,Ive turned caravans into a cabins by cladding the outside with 4x2 timber king span insulation and weather board and painted it ,the biggest problem is getting the static van into some of your areas, where a shed made up of good sized panels is far easier to move by hand bolted together the foundations can be timber sleepers RSJ ,H beams anything that will give you an air space saves the floor rotting .

    This is what i do for a living built timber framed houses, chalets, log cabins, farm sheds the ish I deal with planning every week the more you keep it simply the easier it is tell them nothing .

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    The problem arises if you kept anything valuable in the shed/cabin and it gets damaged or an insurance claim is required. I.e. you may have to store your firearm in it etc etc. while doing something or other 100 yds away. Then it becomes an illegal structure and poo hits the fan.
    You would be amazed at how many of the locals will know about the cabin within 10 minutes of the first plank being layed down.


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