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Thread: Farnham training info

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    Farnham training info

    Hi Im just looking at booking my DSC1. The problem I have is that the kent course is booked and the next available one is in october. So if I want to do the course at the earliest oppertunaty I will have to go to Farnham in Surry. Which means it will probably be too far to comute daily so i may have to find some accomation. So two questions firstly what times of day do the courses start and finish ? and secondly can any one recomend some cheap digs for the weekend. Cheers

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    Assume you mean the BASC courses.
    If you're travelling, consider going a little further and using Jelen ( in Hampshire. Course is as cheap and runs Fri Eve to Sun afternoon, so you'll reduce your accomm costs too. Excellent course and they run monthly, so you should get it done as soon as you want.


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    Hi yes it was the BASc ones i was refering to. I had a quik look on the Jelen website and they appear to be booked up untill August. I was planning to do it earlier. Thanks for the info

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    There is a BDS DSC1 at Wadhurst in Sussex in April a full 4 days and only 275 that's got to be the best value DSC1 going at the moment that price even includes the Manual which is 30 on its own.

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    Hi Shaun,

    I must apologise to you mate. The dates on our website were for 2011. The 2012 course dates are detailed on our newsletters, and will be posted on our new website.

    We have places available on our courses from 20th January this year through to August 2012.

    We're launching a brand new website this month, and all the dates will be posted on there. If you can email me on I can send you our newsletter that has all the information you need, including a full course profile and application forms.

    Happy New Year,

    (Director-Jelen Deer Services)

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    Thanks lads for the info will look into both

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